About Us


DZB is the largest independent Auditing and Accounting firm in the Limpopo Province. The firm has 4 associates, Kallie Zimmerman, John Stamp, Wian Marx and Ian Jannasch. DZB was formed in January 1999, after the original 3 associates left their positions at one of the Big 4 firms to start their own practice. The original firm only had 12 employees and has subsequently grown to a total staff compliment of approximately 45 with an ever increasing client base.

Our People

We try our best to employ, train and retain the best staff possible. Our aim is not to employ people who are merely looking for work, but rather people who aspire to be Chartered Accountants. Our current employees include qualified chartered accountants, university graduates, and trainee accountants, many of them with years of experience in the industry. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not hesitate to employ people from all walks of life, as long as they meet our requirements for ability, ambition, and integrity. We ensure that we give our employees as much training as possible to allow them to properly perform the jobs they were hired for.

Our Clients

Although we are based in the Polokwane, we have clients in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and even the Western Cape.

Medium sized clients from various industries where shareholders are not normally involved in the day to day running of the business themselves, but employ management to do so.

The typical owner-managed or family owned business in various industries.

These clients range from the young to the retired. Whether self employed, working for a salary, or running a business across a wide range of industries and trades.


The agricultural activities in the geographical area in which we operate cannot be underestimated. A lot of our clients who do not necessarily farm themselves have ties with farming and agricultural related operations.

The Limpopo province is renowned for its farming activities. We currently have a large variety of farming businesses on our client list, including produce, livestock and game farming entities.

Our clients vary from small owner-managed operations to large factories in various sectors.

Non-profit organizations
We service a number of schools and other non-profit organisations.

Professional practices
Architects, doctors, dentists, lawyers, physiotherapists and vets varying from one-man practices to incorporated entities all form part of our client base.

We service a wide range of clients involved in the retail market, all varying in the products and services offered.

A number of Travel Agents, Hotels, Game lodges and Restaurants in the area are serviced by us. Tourism is on the increase in the Limpopo and there is a constant need for accounting and auditing services.